Best CBD Cream for skin

5 Best CBD Cream for Skin Care [2020 Update]

Beauty and skincare products continue to change with advancement in technology and research. Signifying a move from traditional skincare products, consumers are more interested in products that offer additional health benefits. Customers are now opting for CBD cream which has additional benefits. This has kept manufacturers of such products on toes to come up with the best CBD cream for the skin to maintain market dominance. The competition is stiff because consumers are more informed through online customer reviews on different products.

What you must know about CBD and CBD Creams

Cannabidiol, or simply called CBD is a chemical from the cannabis plant used for different reasons. It is mainly used for skin care and treatment of fluffy aging joints and fido through laced substances like CBD pain relief cream. Naturally, our bodies also produce CBD that helps with sleep, mood, and appetite and pain sensation among other functions. People consume CBD products by taking pills, smoking, eating gummies, vaping, putting tinctures under tongues and applying them as patches and creams. By so doing, the CBD interacts and amplifies the effects of cannabinoids already existing in the body. CBD products are currently taking the world by storm with no sign of a decrease in consumption.

CBD cream is among the popular forms in which CBD products are made. The cream is made by infusion of olive or coconut oil of high quality with cannabis plants of high quality. The oil is used for the extraction of the CBD active compound. Therapeutic herbs blended with the mixture make CBD cream for pain. Beauty products are also blended with the mixture of skincare products. Best CBD cream for pain has medicinal use when applied to the skin. For instance, it is used to relieve aches and pains among individuals especially pain caused by arthritis. Furthermore, CBD Cream is also used to treat certain skin conditions like acne.

CBD Creams, Lotions and Skin Care

The beauty industry has taken advantage of CBD to develop creams and lotions for skincare. These are used to treat and manage skin problems. For instance, acne is commonly experienced by many people. It is estimated that over eighty percent of people suffer from acne at one point in their life. This creates a massive market for CBD creams and lotions because of the prevalent condition. This is how the cream and lotion work. The protective oil covering the skin is called sebum. It prevents foreign particles from entering the skin. Excess sebum is what causes acne. Applying CBD creams and lotions inhibits the development of cells that create excess sebum.

Best CBD Creams for Skin Care

With many people suffering from acne, there is an influx of CBD Creams for skincare. This makes it difficult for buyers to determine the best value for money when buying CBD cream for sale. The following are among the best CBD creams for skincare.


FAB CBD Topical Cream

FABCBD is one of the most trusted names in the realm of CBD products. A wide variety of offerings for a number of different uses are already in the market from this brand. One of them is the CBD topical cream. Topical creams are applied directly to the part of the skin and that’s where FabCBD creams have an advantage. It removes stress and pain in a controlled way with full spectrum hemp extracts being at the center of the concoction. Because of its high-quality hemp the cream also takes good care of the skin as CBD has had some good results against skin conditions like Acne, as per user feedback. The topical cream is a jack of all traits as it both concentrates on pain-stress along with benefits to the skin.


  • Full-Spectrum Hemp from forms the base ingredient of this cream. And that means the CBD is of high quality with extra help from other cannabinoids. And so, the cream is versatile to ease a lot of problems.
  • The cream being a topical means it directly concentrates on the part of the skin that’s causing you problems. Because of its concentration on the source you get direct results.
  • The entourage effect that accompanies the application of the cream brings in the soothing calmness that the skin needs. Also, CBD has been showing effectiveness in curing acne, so this cream has potential to be quite a good alternative for skincare.
  • The blood orange fragrance added into the cream helps to get a good aroma for proper stress relief.
  • The Hemp used in this cream comes from Colorado and the state is well-known for its quality hemp production. So, you can be assured that the topical cream has a high-quality ingredient source.


  • The only disadvantage of the CBD topical cream line of products is that there is only one variation of the product as of this writing.

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD

This CBD cream is used for soothing tired joints and limbs as it is comprised of soothing botanicals. It is a CBD pain relief cream. The cream is pharmaceutical based on a mixture of CBD and menthol. It has a rich composition of water, safflower, glycerin, tocopherol for vitamin E and fruit extract among others.


  • The cream contains lavender oil and an extract of chamomile which has a therapeutic aroma. It, therefore, does not have funny odors after application.
  • The cream can be applied on any external part of the body and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue
  • The CBD in the cream is derived from hemp that is American. The extraction process from the plant is done using cutting edge methods. The cream is also tested for purity, hence assuring quality.
  • The cream is free from paraben and not tested on animals. This gives an assurance of practical results.
  • The cream is loaded with bentonite clay that contributes to skin wellness
  • To buy the cream, one does not need to have a medical card or prescription from a doctor.


  • Unfortunately, manufacturers of the cream are prohibited from making any claims about specific health conditions that the cream can address. The prohibition is by the US Food and Drug Administration. Customers can only get this information by using the product.

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Try the CBD

Try the CBD Cream

This cream takes care of dry looking and tired skin as it has a long-lasting moisturizing aspect. It is very popular with athletes as they tend to suffer from painful joints and muscles. It comes in the form of CBD balm, muscle gel, rescue butter, and CBD oil massage. This allows for various uses.


  • High-quality ingredients known to customers are used to formulate this product hence guarantee of quality.
  • The CBD cream has a synergistic botanical blend, a characteristic that helps joints and muscles unwind.
  • The CBD cream works for most skin types, including sensitive skin as it is not too heavy.


  • The CBD cream is not user-friendly to expectant women and people with illnesses as they need doctor’s advice before using it.

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Hemp Lucid

Hemp Lucid CBD Cream

The lotion is ideal for individuals who engage in hiking activities or heavy workouts. It is comprised of full-spectrum hemp ideal for toning down muscle pains. To achieve faster pain relief, you need to increase the amount of lotion applied on the part of your body.


  • For potency and purity, the product is subjected to testing by a third-party lab. This guarantees quality to customers
  • The lotion does not leave traces of oil residue on the skin after use


  • Since the product is oil-based, it easily stains clothing
  • The product separates under heat hence requiring consistent cool storage


cbdMD Cream

This is a cream that comes with a rich mix of unique ingredients. Each ingredient serves a unique purpose. For instance, the presence of arnica in the cream will stimulate white cells while vitamin B6 repair damage caused by arthritis and inflammation. The ingredients ensure that the body achieves optimal performance.


  • Each product batch enjoys a broad-spectrum CBD that is superior.
  • The product undergoes a manufacturing process that is of high quality to ensure wholesome hemp properties.
  • Since the products have been sourced from USA hemp, they are THC- free.
  • Customers have a 30 days cashback option from the date of purchase should they be dissatisfied with the product.


  • The product does not serve nursing and pregnant women and those under the age of 18 years.

Will CBD Creams pose any side effects?

Generally, CBD creams are normally well tolerated by the body. However, some users may experience side effects like diarrhea, reduced appetite, dry mouth, fatigue, and drowsiness. There is also a potential risk of the cream interacting with any other medication a user may be taking. Check out more about CBD cream functions.

Can I buy these CBD creams online?

Most manufacturers of CBD creams have CBD cream for sale online through their websites. This ensures that customers enjoy the best price. Furthermore, customers enjoy free shipping and any running promotional codes when they buy online on the manufacturer’s website. When buying online, customers can also ask any questions they may be having on the product through chat.


The beauty and health industry has benefited immensely from CBD products. Manufacture of CBD products that are used to relieve pain and used to enhance beauty is on the rise. Consumers can benefit from these products since they are legal and mostly organic hence safe for use. As CBD products is still new in the market we highly advise to check out brand reviews before consider any product to use.