Best CBD Salves

Best CBD Salves of 2020 :Our Top Picks

Cannabidiol oil, or more popularly known as CBD oil, is known for its many benefits, particularly concerning one’s health. It’s derived from hemp plants and so, it contains little to no THC – the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Because of its recent boom in popularity, many companies have created several types of CBD oil-infused products such as edibles, topicals, and even pet-dedicated products.

With that said, one of the more popular CBD topicals is CBD salves that many claims to be more effective and more potent than other types of CBD topicals.

With that said, learn about what CBD salves are all about – from what it is to the best CBD salves available for consumers these days. Discover the differences among CBD salves, lotions, and other topicals with this comprehensive guide and review. so Let’s get introduced with the Best CBD Salves of 2020

What Is a CBD Salve?

CBD salves are CBD-infused products which are applied on the skin, rather than being ingested. Using salves, a person can apply the CBD directly to the affected area rather than waiting for the ingested CBD oil to take effect.

However, because it’s topically applied rather than ingested, CBD salves need to be more potent so that a user can immediately feel their effects.

CBD saves are made from natural waxes, fatty oil bases, and of course, CBD oil. Since CBD oil is hydrophobic, it’s advisable that the fatty oil base used has plenty of fatty acids so that it can carry more CBD oil. The more fatty acids the base oil has, the more potent the salve would be.

There are many CBD salve uses but mostly, it’s used when you’re looking for quick relief for specific areas in the body. For example, people use CBD salve for back pain and some use it for skin conditions like psoriasis.

How Good Is It Compared to CBD Lotions, Balms, and Creams?

CBD salves are often considered more effective than other types of CBD topicals like lotions, creams, and balms. This is because it contains no water at all which creates a thicker, more CBD-packed topical.

Meanwhile, lotions and creams have water in their mix, with the ratio of water to oil being higher in lotions. This means they tend to be more diluted than salves. Another benefit of CBD salve is that it can help address target areas more quickly due to its higher potency.

Moreover, since it contains no water in its composition, CBD salves enjoy a longer shelf life than other types of topicals. Nevertheless, not all CBD salves are created equal since different companies mean different practices.

With that said, check out which one is the best CBD salve you can buy on the market nowadays.

Best CBD Salves: Our Top Recommendations

As mentioned, there is an extensive range of CBD salves available on the market these days which can make it difficult to find the best one.

Because of this, we have listed down several salves and the companies that make them to help you choose the best CBD salve for your needs.


Best CBD Salves

One of the leading companies for CBD oil, Fab CBD also has an extensive range of CBD topicals, one of which is their CBD salve. With a strength of 1000mg to 3000mg, their CBD salves are potent enough to alleviate aches and pains when applied.

Like their other products, their CBD salves use all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and are tested by independent 3rd-party laboratories to ensure the product’s quality. This guarantees that their salves are safe for use by most.

Moreover, since they have the most potent salves on this list, you can consider the Fab CBD salve the best CBD salve for pain.

Ingredients Used

Aside from CBD oil, their CBD salves also include the use of several natural ingredients like menthol crystals, golden jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and others. It’s made with organic beeswax and all-natural organic full-spectrum CBD.

These, combined with several organic essential oils like lavender oil, peppermint oil, and lemongrass oil, make for an effective salve.


  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • All are organically grown and sourced
  • Independently tested by a 3rd-party laboratory
  • Potent and effective
  • Works immediately upon application


  • The heating effect could be hotter


CBDistillery- Best CBD Salves

CBDistillery has an extensive range of CBD products and its CBDol Topical Salve is one of their more popular offerings. It’s available at a strength of 500mg and is sourced from organically grown and high-quality hemp plants.

Their CBD salve is well-recognized for its quality and effectiveness, being ranked as the Number One Hemp-Derived CBD Salve in the 2017 High Times Magazine.

Aside from this recognition, you can guarantee the quality of their salve because all their products are independently tested by 3rd-party laboratories to ensure quality and adherence to standards.

They also use natural farming practices to ensure that their products are not just safe for their customers but also for the environment.

Ingredients Used

CBDistillery’s CBD salve uses full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from organically grown hemp. It’s combined with several other all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, magnesium, and more.

It also uses several essential oils and botanical extracts that add to its effectiveness as a salve.

However, what makes it different from the others is that it uses a small amount of distilled water which is atypical of salves.


  • Made from organically grown, 100% non-GMO ingredients
  • Independently tested by a 3rd-party laboratory
  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Highly effective
  • Combines different ingredients for the best possible effect


  • A bit pricier than others

Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals Salve

The Cheef Botanicals CBD salve is a product specially designed to target and eliminate pain from affected areas. It’s available at a strength of 500mg to 1000mg, making it one of the best CBD salves for pain.

It’s particularly helpful for relieving pain in the lower back, making it one of the best CBD salves for back pain. Because of this, it’s ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle like athletes as it helps them recover from the aches and pain.

It’s designed to provide fast relief and its naturally moisturizing formula allows you to apply it liberally on affected areas without drying out the skin.

Their salves, along with their other products, are also tested independently to check for quality and purity of the ingredients used.

Ingredients Used

The Cheef Botanicals CBD salve uses full-spectrum CBD oil that was sourced from organically grown hemp in the US. It uses candelilla wax rather than beeswax as the primary ingredient aside from CBD oil.

Aside from these two, it also uses several oils, including essential oils, that are designed to target and eliminate pain from specific areas in the body. They are fast-acting and offer other benefits that make this salve a worthwhile purchase.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients in its formula
  • Has a naturally moisturizing formula
  • Offers immediate pain relief
  • Independently tested by 3rd-party laboratories
  • Sourced from organically grown hemp in the US


  • Could be a little stronger

Joy Organics

Joy Organics - Best CBD Salves

The Joy Organics CBD salve is designed to provide not just pain relief but also support to the body’s muscles and joints. Their salve is also designed to promote healthier skin, making it ideal for those with skin conditions.

As such, it can be considered the best CBD salve for psoriasis, a skin condition that results in itchy red patches on the skin. This salve is made from premium quality ingredients and is available at two options for strength – 500mg and 1000mg.

Their products are also independently tested by 3rd-party laboratories to ensure that they adhere to the standards and regulations, making them safe for use by consumers.

Ingredients Used

Compared to the others that use full-spectrum CBD oil, Joy Organics uses premium-grade broad spectrum CBD oil. It’s formulated with organic beeswax and organic essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender.

These make it an effective soothing salve for many skin conditions as well as a form of pain relief. The CBD oil itself contains absolutely no THC, making it safe for use.


  • Made of premium-grade ingredients
  • Provides not just pain relief but also support for better skin and joint health
  • Independently tested by 3rd-party laboratories
  • Uses broad spectrum CBD oil rather than full-spectrum
  • Uses all-organic ingredients in the formula


  • Can be difficult to apply/needs heat to spread properly

Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold Salve

Green Garden Gold’s CBD salve is designed to provide users with pain relief, especially for those who have more active lifestyles and often experience pain and aches.

Their products are all independently tested by 3rd-party laboratories and provide a certificate of analysis on their site.

However, compared to the others, their CBD salve only has a strength of 150mg, a strength that’s considerably lower than the rest. Nevertheless, it’s effective enough and it has the bonus of making your skin feel softer and smoother after use.

Ingredients Used

This CBD salve uses broad spectrum CBD oil that’s been sourced from organically grown hemp in Colorado.

Aside from that, it also uses organic beeswax and organic coconut oil. It also includes the use of organic natural vanilla that gives it that moisturizing quality as well as a pleasant smell.


  • Uses organically grown ingredients
  • Sourced from organically grown hemp
  • Independently tested by 3rd-party laboratories
  • Has a moisturizing effect that leaves the skin smoother and softer
  • Offers effective pain relief


  • Isn’t as potent as the other salves

These are just some of the best CBD salves on the market and they have been proven to be highly effective, especially in terms of relieving and managing pain in specific parts of the body.

Will CBD Salves Cause Any Side Effects?

Compared to ingested CBD oil, it’s less likely that you’ll experience side effects from using a CBD salve. However, it is still possible to experience some of the common side effects of CBD, especially with higher doses.

For example, some of the side-effects you may experience with CBD salves are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes

To remain on the safe side, it’s best if you consult with your physician first before using any CBD products, even topicals like CBD salves.

However, it’s more likely to experience side effects from the other ingredients used in the salve. This is particularly more common if you have any allergies.

One of the most common ingredients used in CBD salves is beeswax so it’s best to find out first if you’re allergic to it or any of the other ingredients. Some essential oils can also cause skin irritation so make sure to check the ingredients list of your chosen salve before purchasing.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Salves?

There are many places where you can buy CBD salves but if you want to ensure that the product, you’re getting is legitimate, it’s best to buy them from the brand’s official website.

CBD brands have websites that often offer their products like CBD salves online. Some even offer discounts and free shipping when you meet certain conditions.

Moreover, many brands offer a money-back guarantee within a certain period when you buy their products from their official site.


CBD has plenty of uses and benefits. CBD-infused topical products like CBD salves are perfect for those who want to reap the benefits of CBD and target specific areas of the body like joints and muscles.

CBD salves are also more commonly used for pain relief due to its more potent nature compared to other topicals. This is due to its more concentrated form as most salves don’t use water as an ingredient.

With that said, the aforementioned salves are just some of the best CBD salves you can buy in the market these days. They have been proven to be highly effective, especially when relieving aches and pains in the body.