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Enhanced Beauty and Less Pain with CBD Cream

Experts have found different ways of using cannabidiol (CBD). The use has gone a notch higher with the legalization of CBD products in many states. For instance, CBD cream has become famous for offering relief from aches and pains. The cream also provides solutions for skincare problems. Based on online reviews from users, consumers are now quickly adopting this nonmedicinal approach to skincare and pain relief. The approach is chosen because the continued use of therapeutic options has underlying risks in the long term.

What is CBD Topical Cream?

This is a cream made by infusing with cannabidiol for various uses. It is applied directly to the skin for pain relief and skincare solutions. For instance, CBD face cream is applied directly to the face as a solution to acne.

CBD Cream: How does it Work?

The human body is made up of an entire system of endocannabinoids. The system uses cannabinoids to run several biological activities. The application of CBD cream to the skin helps to increase the number of endocannabinoids in the body through absorption. The endocannabinoids then reduce the sensitivity of the body to pain, thereby achieving pain relief.

There are several ways CBD cream works in reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and increasing the level of endocannabinoids in the body. This is attributed to the healing and soothing properties in the cream once it is applied to an area. For instance, CBD cream for pain helps to relieve pain in joints, swellings, and open wounds. When applied to the skin, it soaks in and eradicates pain in target areas.

Scientific researches Regarding CBD Topical Creams

Debate on cannabidiol products still rages in states which have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. The CBD topical creams have received credit for helping manage a host of medical issues. Such issues include inflammation, lack of sleep, and epileptic seizures. However, scientific researchers indicate that there is scanty evidence of the proclaimed benefits. This is made worse by a lack of regulation on CBD products, allowing manufacturers to make unproven allegations.

There is strong evidence relating to CBD topical creams treating epilepsy. For instance, a US advisory panel on Food and Administration approved the use of Epidiolex, a CBD form of medication. This is to be used in treating rare forms of epilepsy found in children. Regarding the rest of the potential uses, researchers cite little evidence insufficient for making a solid conclusion.

Clinical researches on CBD topical creams are still in progress. Using this as medication for inflammation is promising as results from animal experiments have been positive. Scientific data is lacking to support the effectiveness of CBD topical creams.

Should I Use CBD cream (discuss how safe is it to use)

CBD cream and other products are generally designed to be safe for use. This is supported by the approval of Epidiolex by the Food and Drug Administration for treating epilepsy in children. Usually, the products are normally well tolerated by the body during their use.

CBD cream is safe and ideal for users who prefer topical application. The creams are safe and consistently light for ease of absorption by the skin. They are more moisturizing and luxurious than CBD salves and provide a relaxing feel to the body. Since CBD cream is used through topical application, it reduces the risk of absorbing and metabolizing THC into the body. Absorption of THC will cause one to be psychoactive and even fail a drug test. This is not the case with CBD cream hence safe for use.

CBD Cream and benefits of Using it (provide Bullet Points)

CBD cream is made from an infusion of high-quality coconut oil and a cannabis plant of high quality. Several benefits have been attributed to the use of CBD cream. They include:

  • CBD skin cream is used for the treatment of skin conditions like acne and eczema. This is a widely sought solution since it is presumed that over 80 percent of people suffer from acne.
  • The cream is used to relieve joint pains associated with arthritis
  • CBD cream is used to manage anxiety and stress among individuals
  • Inducement of sleep by individuals suffering from insomnia
  • Relieving body pain associated with workouts and other activities strenuous to the body
  • Treatment of skin inflammations and headaches
  • Relieving chronic pain and multiple sclerosis

Risks and Side Effects

On the contrary, CBD cream carries some risks and side effects emanating from its use. For instance, there are reported side effects where users experienced drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, change in appetite, and change in weight.

Moreover, concern has also been raised about CBD cream and other products interfering with an enzyme that supports the liver activity. Interference with cytochrome P450 inhibits the liver’s efficiency in breaking down toxins. This increases the risk of liver toxicity among users of CBD cream and other products.

CBD cream and other products have also been touted to interact with other medicines being administered alongside such as blood thinners. The interaction can lead to unfavorable reactions in the body. Additionally, purity levels and dosage of CBD in products have turned out to be unreliable, hence raising concern. For example, a recent study of CBD cream and other products purchased online revealed that more than a quarter of sampled products contained lower levels of CBD than indicated. This complicates dosage reliability. Additionally, THC, found in cannabis and responsible for making people psychoactive, was found in some CBD cream for sale. This can cause users to get high unknowingly. It is important to consult a doctor before using CBD products.


Cannabidiol has significantly impacted the beauty and medical field. There is continued research as to how CBD products can be of more use. Tests that have been done on animals have yielded positive results hence activating adoption by humans. The CBD cream has found its way in the market, and the reception has been positive. Consumers have been swayed more to purchase CBD topical cream. This is because it is easy to use by applying on the skin. Since it is directly absorbed by the top layer of the skin, results are almost instant, especially for pain relief.

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